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Sperm Donor Clinic Sydney Australia

Here at Dr Jeffrey Persson, we’re dedicated to giving couples the best possible chance to create a family. But we can’t do it alone – which is why our sperm donors are so important. We work with around 40-50 sperm donors in Sydney who are trustworthy, reliable and happy to disclose their identities if required. That makes it easier for couples, eliminating long waiting times. When you’re ready for treatment, our donors are always available.

In addition, our sperm donor availability means you’ll only need to purchase sperm when you actually require it. You’ll only need to buy a single straw if pregnancy occurs in the first cycle – and there’s no need for additional outlays on the cost of multiple straws if they’re not going to be needed. When your first pregnancy is confirmed, any additional straws can be dedicated for future pregnancies.

Sperm Donors Sydney

Infertility affects thousands of families in Australia. This troubling and uncertain time can be full of frustration and confusion. For many of these families, sperm donors provide the only method of successful conception. In short, sperm donors provide miracles for infertile couples. At least 15% of couples experience infertility, so there’s always a demand for sperm donors in Sydney.

Did you know that 4% of children born in Australia are the result of Artificial Reproductive Technology using donor insemination? By coming into a sperm donor clinic and becoming a sperm donor, you can help create life and happiness for thousands of people. It’s the most significant gift you could ever give to potential mothers whom without your donation would never be able to conceive.

Benefits of becoming a sperm donor

In addition to the general happiness you’ll create, there are a few key benefits to becoming a sperm donor in Sydney. When you sign up, you’ll be given a general health check that includes blood work and sexual health results – providing a free way of measuring your health if you’re curious about your wellbeing.

In our sperm donor clinic, you’ll also receive a fertility assessment, which will test exactly how fertile you are. This may be useful for your personal life and planning your own future. Finally, you’ll also be reimbursed financially for any personal expenses and time associated with your sperm donation.

Common questions About sperm donors

Will I be legally responsible for my children?

As a donor, you are not responsible for the children born as a result of your donations. However, due to the ART Act, children born from your donation may be able to identify you after they have turned eighteen years of age. If this concerns you, you may not be suitable for donation. However, we’re happy for you to come in for a discussion to find out exactly what the process entails.

Can I become a donor?

As long as you are between 20 and 38 years of age, you’re likely a suitable donor. Some health conditions such as hereditary diseases and sexually transmitted infections can prevent you from becoming a donor, however, so it’s important to disclose any prior to our health check.

What’s the sperm donor process?

The first stage of the process is known as screening and involves donating an initial sample which is then tested. If found suitable, you’ll then come in and meet us to undergo a full health check. After this, you’ll undergo an educational session and some additional testing for genetic conditions. Finally, you’ll produce a number of samples which will then be cryogenically preserved.

Get in touch and become a donor today

Sperm donors provide an almost miraculous gift to couples looking to conceive. If you’d like to help combat infertility and create happy families, visit Dr. Jeffrey Persson and learn more about becoming a sperm donor in Sydney.

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