IUI Cost Australia

Artificial insemination, which is also known as intrauterine insemination (IUI), is the process by which a male partner or donor’s semen is inserted into the neck of the womb close to the time of ovulation. This process is a less invasive form of fertility treatment that can help couples who are struggling to conceive naturally.

How IUI works

IUI procedures can be carried out in a variety of different ways. The first is by a woman’s natural cycle, where no medication is needed and the treatment happens during your cycle. The other method is artificial and uses medication to stimulate the ovaries to prompt or regulate ovulation.

In either method, the semen sample will be analysed and then washed – which concentrates the most mobile sperm to help aid conception. The washed sample will then be used for insemination. It is inserted into the uterine cavity with the use of a small catheter and a speculum. You’ll be lying down during this but are free to stand up afterwards as once the semen is inserted it cannot fall out.

This procedure is carried out at a fertility clinic by a nurse. You won’t need to attend hospital. The treatment may cause mild cramping but is not painful. No time off is required – you can return to work immediately. After an IUI, your doctor may prescribe you progesterone. A week later, your doctor may order a blood test. 10-15 days later, you’ll take a pregnancy test.

IUI is not recommended for people with advanced endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes or people who have suffered from pelvic infections.

Who can use IUI?

The IUI procedure is useful for those who are diagnosed with unexplained infertility, but also for those who have hostile cervical mucus or minor sperm abnormalities. It is commonly used when your partner’s sperm has been previously frozen prior such as before chemotherapy. IUI procedures are more beneficial, and generally more successful, in women who are not of an advanced maternal age.

IUI and donor sperm

If a partner has been diagnosed with male infertility, has a high risk of passing on a genetic disorder or has poor quality sperm, donor sperm may be recommended. When using donor sperm, IUI provides an effective, less invasive route to conception. This method is also useful for same-sex couples or single women who want to use donor sperm.

IVF Costs

Many websites may claim to have a single cost treatment, but the reality is that IUI cost Australia include things like consultations with fertility experts, testing, the treatment itself and any specialist genetic screening.

However, there are Medicare rebates available to help you combat these costs. The Medicare Safety Net helps people with large medical expenses by providing additional rebates – and once you reach the threshold in a calendar year, Medicare will pay an additional rebate on selected items. IUI is eligible for Medicare rebates and the estimated out of pocket costs are around $1900. Infertility is a frustrating and upsetting condition. IUI provides a relatively straightforward method of fertility therapy, with success rates ranging as high as 20% per cycle. If you’d like to discuss your own treatment, or to know more about IUI cost Australia, get in touch with Dr Jeffrey Persson today and we’ll advise you on the most appropriate route forward.

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