Egg Donation Australia

Donate your eggs and create a mum

Some women have a premature ovarian failure or other conditions that affect their ability to produce viable ova in order to get pregnant. For these couples, the only possible way to become pregnant is by receiving a donated ovum which will then be fertilized via IVF and implanted in the recipient’s uterus.

It’s a noble thing to donate your eggs. Through egg donation, you’d be helping couples who have no other options when it comes to having kids. The process is fairly simple in order to make it easier both for donors and recipients.

Do You Qualify as a Donor?

According to IVF Australia, you need to be between the ages of 23 and 33 with no medical or genetic conditions in order to qualify as a donor. This is to ensure that your eggs are in perfect condition. Before the donation cycle begins you’ll be screened to determine your suitability as a donor.

The Process

In order to make egg donation an efficient process, you’ll first undergo an IVF cycle. After the eggs are collected they will be fertilised and transferred to the recipient. Certain medications are used, such as clomiphene citrate, to stimulate the donor’s ovaries in order to collect an optimum of ova.

Doctors will know when to collect the eggs by following certain changes in the ovaries using blood tests and ultrasounds. The donor will then be lightly sedated using general anesthesia for the collection process.

The Recipients

Some couples have problems conceiving because there’s a problem in egg production or using the produced eggs. They are the ones most in need of an egg donation.

Premature menopause is one of the most common conditions that can do this. Receiving chemotherapy or having an illness that affects the ovaries’ function to produce eggs is another common one. The issue could be that there are eggs but they’re of a poor quality that IVF keeps failing.

Having a genetic condition can prevent some women from wanting to use their own ova. They just don’t want to pass that condition onto their children especially if it’s something severe. Receiving a healthy egg would then be a suitable alternative.


It’s illegal to sell or buy human tissue in Australia and this, of course, includes eggs and sperms. So as a donor don’t expect any kind of compensation. Don’t worry about having to pay anything either as all out of pocket medical expenses are covered by the recipients.

Can You Be an Anonymous Donor?

You can choose to remain unknown to the recipients but the NSW Health Central Register must have all of your information. This information can be accessed by the child when he or she becomes 18 years old. As a donor, however, you have no obligation whatsoever to the child.

Choosing the Recipient

You are allowed to view the profiles of different people hoping to receive an egg donation through a secure website. You can then choose the recipients you feel comfortable donating to.

Egg and sperm donation are wonderful things. By donating you’re basically allowing people to fulfil one of their dreams in having children. The right clinic will make the process as straightforward and simple as possible so it’s convenient for both donors and recipients. If you choose to donate know that you will pay nothing out of your own pocket, have to take some medications followed by a simple procedure, and will make a huge difference to people who wouldn’t be able to have children another way.  If you are needing more information, feel free to contact Dr. Jeffrey Persson to find out more.

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