• 5 Common Causes of Male Infertility

    In our everyday life male infertility can be often disregarded, especially as modern media focuses heavily on female fertility. At Dr. Jeffrey Persson we believe male infertility is equally as important for couples having difficulty conceiving, especially when it takes both man and women to initiate pregnancy. Looking at the data, 30% of fertility problems

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  • What are the Main Causes of Male Infertility

    A family isn’t complete without a child. They serve as the centre of the family, most especially for the husband and wife. Some couples aim to have their own child in the first few years of their marriage. Thus, a happily married couple may feel lacking if they don’t have a kid or two. About

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  • Egg Donation Australia

    Donate your eggs and create a mum Some women have a premature ovarian failure or other conditions that affect their ability to produce viable ova in order to get pregnant. For these couples, the only possible way to become pregnant is by receiving a donated ovum which will then be fertilized via IVF and implanted

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  • IUI Success Rates Australia

    What is the Success Rate of IVF | IUI Success Rates Australia Are you considering in-vitro fertilisation, commonly known as IVF? The success of this popular fertility treatment depends on a number of factors you need to be aware of, so it’s important to know them before deciding to start. What is the Success Rate

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  • IUI Cost Australia

    Artificial insemination, which is also known as intrauterine insemination (IUI), is the process by which a male partner or donor’s semen is inserted into the neck of the womb close to the time of ovulation. This process is a less invasive form of fertility treatment that can help couples who are struggling to conceive naturally.

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  • Sperm Donor Clinic

    Sperm Donor Clinic

    Sperm Donor Clinic Sydney Australia Here at Dr Jeffrey Persson, we’re dedicated to giving couples the best possible chance to create a family. But we can’t do it alone – which is why our sperm donors are so important. We work with around 40-50 sperm donors in Sydney who are trustworthy, reliable and happy to

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  • Infertility Treatment

    Infertility Treatment

    Infertility Treatment- Is it Time to Get Help? Signs of Infertility in Women Have you been trying to get pregnant with your partner for a while? It can be hard to know when to keep trying and when it’s time to seek help. In order to know when to seek help you need to know about

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  • Sydney Health And Fertility

    Sydney Health And Fertility

    Sydney Health And Fertility – Your Health and Fertility If you have been trying to conceive for a while but without success, it is time to take a closer look at your health. Most men and women find it hard to plan a baby, despite all their efforts. In reality, fertility depends on quite a

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  • Best IVF clinic in Australia

    Best IVF clinic in Australia

    Best IVF clinic in Australia Choosing the Best IVF Clinic When all else fails, couples turn to IVF which is one of the most successful infertility treatments. However, it is important to choose the best IVF medical facility to get the procedure done. Don’t just choose any clinic. All you need is to do is

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