Best IVF clinic in Australia

Best IVF clinic in Australia

Choosing the Best IVF Clinic

When all else fails, couples turn to IVF which is one of the most successful infertility treatments. However, it is important to choose the best IVF medical facility to get the procedure done.

Don’t just choose any clinic. All you need is to do is to choose the best and qualified professionals to have the procedure done.

Let’s look at the things you must take into account before choosing the best IVF clinic in Australia.

Diagnostic procedures

Not all infertility clinics are equipped to perform this procedure. You must check if your chosen facility has the doctors and technicians to carry out the complete range of tests for establishing a clear diagnosis.

You can enquire whether the clinic offers each patient a uterine X-ray if required. Patients should also get their x-rays examined at another hospital to know the success rate of IVF.  Things to know about how a clinic runs its diagnostics include:

  • Hormone tests at the beginning of the menstrual cycle
  • Inclusive scanned reports
  • Sperm tests

Other Treatments

Considering your individual case, your doctor might want to opt for another treatment before resorting to IVF. Avoid choosing a clinic that offers an IVF treatment as the sole course of action.

Counselling services

It is common for most clinics to have an independent counsellor. However, sometimes this benefit comes at a cost. Since patients can be extra nervous and stressed out before an IVF procedure, most clinics offer counselling to guide couples in their day-to-day treatment.

Monitoring Methods

Typically, clinics that do regular hormone tests accomplish better results. These tests reduce the chances of experiencing complications later in the procedure largely. You can also have a fair idea of what went wrong unless the treatment fails.


All charges must be inclusive of everything for the IVF cycle except for the drugs. Make sure you never pay extra for additional consultations or any extra ultrasound examinations. This is an important factor to consider since the procedure is already an expensive treatment option.

Sperm tests regime

Professional fertility clinics have a set of meticulously worked-out values for sperm quality. Such a standard helps them cancel any cycle if the doctors think there are no possible chances of fertilisation.

Reason for Failure

IVF may not always be successful. That’s why couples who have experienced failure might want to know the actual reason behind a failed attempt.

Always ask professionals if your IVF procedure could not succeed. You would also need advice as to how long should you wait before you make another attempt at IVF treatment.

Ovarian Stimulation Regime

Most clinics do not have a fixed drug regime to stimulate the egg production. It is crucial to choose an IVF clinic that customizes your treatment plan according to your own individual needs.

Past Results

Though you shouldn’t compare the IVF results from different clinics, it is worthwhile to do your homework to get to know the success rate of an infertility clinic. Unless a clinic has published its own results, you have little chances to know the facts. However, these results alone cannot decide whether an IVF clinic is best for you.

This is because the success rate of an IVF procedure depends on several factors such as the number of IVF cycles, the capability to respond to treatments.

Bottom Line

When looking for the Best IVF clinic in Australia, always choose a clinic that has a good success rate and qualified medical professionals take care of the process. Do not just rely on published figures and do your own homework to evaluate the quality of services provided by a clinic.

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